Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To Targa, and back...Why not race while we're there!?!

IVOAC/GTRC members have plans to take on the Targa Newfoundland in a R32 GTR. 1 of the two Targa races that I know of (the second being the Quit - Targa in Australia), they've thrown in a twist. They plan to drive the race car from Vancouver, race, and back to B.C.

Official discussion here: IVOAC Targa Challenge

They've gained some sponsors and enlisted some knowledgeable people, including members of the Automotiveforums.com R34 World Challenge race car team. Most notable addition to the team is Sean Morris. More info can be found on his blog, who adds years of Skyline experience to the mix. Sponsors include the likes of Brave Auto International of Japan and Z-tune Motorsports in Canada.

I'l track there progress here as things get rolling.


mcfly said...

That is one unique looking gtr there. Going to be an interesting run.

Sean Morris said...

Its going to be a long drive.

Try not to hit any houses. Try not to run into any water.

I see skidplates and bullbars in the GT-R's future